SSIEM Dietitians Academy 2023 - UREA CYCLE DISORDERS, June 14-15, 2023

Corsi di formazione

The SSIEM-DG (Society for the Study of Inborn Errors of Metabolism - Dietitians Group) is a networking group for dietitians and nutritionists working in the field of inherited metabolic diseases (IMD).

For many IMD, diet therapy is the fundamental treatment. Metabolic dietetics is a highly specialized area and dietitians should have access to training, education and research to help provide the best available practice. One main aim of the SSIEM-DG is to provide education and training for dietitians and nutritionists caring for IMD patients.

The course is aimed primarily at dietitians and nutritionists who are new to IMD and metabolic dietetics and want to learn more about practical dietetic management and monitoring of UCD. Doctors with no dietitians in their team, who are providing dietetic management, can be considered for the application.

The application deadline is May 1, 2023.